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I have to say that this summer has been the busiest summer ever for my music and art.  While I continue to try to create songs in 50/90 (write 50 songs in 90 days), I am being pulled in so many other creative directions, that I am spinning in circles!  I am happy to be selling product like you see in the photos on my Society6 page and THANK YOU to those of you who enjoy my art enough to purchase it, but I am also creating product to sell in person in October at the Nashua Art Walk (there is info on my Society6 and Art Walk on my Merchandise and Schedule pages)!  This will be my first ever art show and I am very nervous about it, but a good nervous!  I am also performing as much as possible and practicing to play at the Homeless Veteran’s Stand Down Fundraiser in Nashua in September (more info on my schedule page).  I have some aching hands, but I am trying to do my best work and it is keeping me busy!  I know it took me a long time to update my website, but I do think all of the information you are looking for is up for now and I promise to update it when I learn more!  Also, I have added more of my most recent songs to the website, so if you are interested to hear what I have had time to create, please lend me an ear!!  I appreciate you stopping by and for your encouragement as I swim into new waters, I need all of the confidence I can muster!


*please note I have added copyright statements to my website, please be aware that the art on my site does belong to me and my collaborators, I appreciate your respect of our art and ownership of it.  Thanks!

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