This beautiful shawl that a member of my family made is keeping me cozy while I create new songs in FAWM this month (February Album Writing Month).  I have four, new, original songs posted in the “MUSIC” section.  My new song “Prey” has a nice production on it, thanks to my friend Mike Birch.  “Nightmare of My Dreams” was written to the “Dream Challenge”, it is poetic and surreal and my main instrument in it is my Guilele.  “Underneath the Tree” is written to the challenge of “Roots” and features my Baritone Ukulele.  My newest song is my ode to Jazz with “One on One with Nature”.   Please check them out, I would love to know what you think!  I have a new poem in the “POETRY” section called “WINTER COAT”, so snuggle down into that one!  I also posted a few new chilly photos of snow in the “PHOTOS” section.  I was happy to recently join the “Nashua Area Artists Association” in hopes to continue to display and sell my art.  Remember that every month is a meeting of “SONG, Songwriters of New Hampshire Group” that I co-run, a fun and friendly group of folks that come together to share their songwriting!  Info for meetings and performances are in the “SCHEDULE” section.  Winter is the perfect time to spend time with your music, writing and art and create the beauty of your world!

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