IT IS ALL ART TO ME! I have posted my new, original, multi-media artwork in the PHOTO section called “There’s Music In The Water”. In the SCHEDULE section you will see that I am one of the featured performers at the Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, MA on February 13th. This is a chance to come and see me and my two friends for a cozy evening of original songs! I am also introducing the new website for the musical duo I am in and hope you will spread the word, visit for more information! There are three new songs posted in the MUSIC section, all new creations for FAWM (February Album Writing Month), they are “Tempting Time”, “Vagrant Sea” and “Nothin’ To Lose”. Lots of opportunities to catch up with my music and art! I know I’m spread across the spectrum, but it is all art to me!!

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