Lots of new things going on and “NEW IS GOOD”!! THE CREATIVES had our first show of 2019 and it went really well, lots of fun! I loved seeing the audience sing along! A first for me and hopefully more Creatives performances will be scheduled in the near future! Also, I will be co-hosting an Open Mic for the very first time on July 12th! More info in the “Schedule” section. I hope my musical friends will come and support this first effort and I am looking forward to learning more about how to host an open mic! SONG also has a new change, a NEW TIME, for the next year, the Songwriting Group will be meeting at the Nashua Library from 1pm to 3pm, so note the change and this info is in the “Schedule” section. So, new performances, new open mic and new times to kick off the summer and NEW IS GOOD!!

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