Kicked off the new year with an amazing turnout of songwriters are our monthly SONG meetings, if you would like to attend, please see my “SCHEDULE” section for more info! The last CREATIVES gig was loads of fun (performance pics in the “HOME” section) and we are gearing up for another performance on March 6! More info in the “SCHEDULE” section”. I will be co-hosting another Open Mic on Saturday, March 28 at Liquid Therapy, all are welcome to come share their music or just come to listen. We opened up this open mic to our fellow FAWM (February Album Writing Month) NH and MA participants to come and share their original songs they have written in February! I am so happy to be back in FAWM again, my first three songs I have written can be found in the “MUSIC” section if you would like to give them a listen! I also included some of my newer poems in the “POETRY” section. Get out and support local music and come visit me and my musical friends and help kick off this artistic start to 2020!

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