My heart and mind have absorbed all of 2020 so far and it has leaked into my art and music. I wrote a song called “ONE MOMENT OF PEACE”, you can listen to it in my “Music” section where I talk about the loneliness and fears of this year and I also write of it in my poem “Being Alone” that you can read in my “Poetry” section. I also have been using my flower photographs and have infused them into designs with positive messages to print onto Face masks and have been selling those, as well as other photographs and designs on product that you can see in my “Merchandise” section. The SONGWRITING GROUP Is doing wonderfully on Zoom and has attracted many new people and I have tried a few Open Mics online as well. I am currently trying to create music in 50/90 (an online, songwriting challenge forum). My biggest thrill so far has been my lyric “Bench by the Sea” being printed in the Santa Barbara Literary Journal in the current issue, Vol. 5, “Wild Mercury” that is available for purchase on Amazon here:

ART GOES ON, even in the toughest times, so the best thing to do is keep finding ways to express yourself and maybe you will find something new and wonderful. Stay safe and feed your heart and thanks for visiting my site!!

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