Lots of new things going on and “NEW IS GOOD”!! THE CREATIVES had our first show of 2019 and it went really well, lots of fun! I loved seeing the audience sing along! A first for me and hopefully more Creatives performances will be scheduled in the near future! Also, I will be co-hosting an Open Mic for the very first time on July 12th! More info in the “Schedule” section. I hope my musical friends will come and support this first effort and I am looking forward to learning more about how to host an open mic! SONG also has a new change, a NEW TIME, for the next year, the Songwriting Group will be meeting at the Nashua Library from 1pm to 3pm, so note the change and this info is in the “Schedule” section. So, new performances, new open mic and new times to kick off the summer and NEW IS GOOD!!


As Spring slowly creeps in, I have kept busy in my art!! I am very excited to announce a new performance of THE CREATIVES in June, you can find out more in the “SCHEDULE” section of my site or at . I have been doing lots of writing and added two new poems, “The Garden” and “Misty Dream” in the “POEMS” section. I have been performing in open mics around the area more and my music can be heard in the “Music” section. The Songwriter’s of NH Group (SONG) has seem more new people and our schedule is available in the “SCHEDULE” section! May is such a busy month and it is easy to let your art slip to the side, but the flowers are calling to me and my camera and there is music in the air and I long to be in the garden and feel the sun on my skin, there is art in the air and I am finding time to breathe it in!!


IT IS ALL ART TO ME! I have posted my new, original, multi-media artwork in the PHOTO section called “There’s Music In The Water”. In the SCHEDULE section you will see that I am one of the featured performers at the Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, MA on February 13th. This is a chance to come and see me and my two friends for a cozy evening of original songs! I am also introducing the new website for the musical duo I am in and hope you will spread the word, visit for more information! There are three new songs posted in the MUSIC section, all new creations for FAWM (February Album Writing Month), they are “Tempting Time”, “Vagrant Sea” and “Nothin’ To Lose”. Lots of opportunities to catch up with my music and art! I know I’m spread across the spectrum, but it is all art to me!!


Getting my art out the door and somewhere where everyone can see and hear it is a big job!  I really had great success selling my photography and gifts at the Art Walk this year and I thank everyone that visited and supported me!  Now I need to learn my own songs again (YES!  I wrote them but I need to memorize) for the Songwriters In the Round in December at The Hearing Room in Lowell, MA.  I was happy to be chosen to be one of the three featured performers and hope you will consider coming on Friday, December 7th from 8pm to 10pm and be able to hear my songs live.  The information on this event and the continuing meetings of SONG Songwriters group can be found in the “SCHEDULE” section of this site, look up at the top and click on “Schedule”.  I have added a new song of mine in the “MUSIC” section called “Let Him Go” and a new poem called “Drowning Leaves” in the “POETRY” section.  It is hard to create over the holidays with things being so busy and just as hard to find free time for yourself, but if you do have a bit of time to support local music and want to hear me live, come to the Songwriters in the Round and say “hi!”


I am still creating my art and music and trying to put it out into the atmosphere!  I loved performing in the Songwriter Series in February, I have posted photos on the “Home” page and a video from that day and I hope to do that again, I loved presenting five of my original songs with two other songwriter friends, a wonderful night!  Of course the SONG, Songwriting Group is still going strong and I am so excited to announce that the Nashua Library has given our group a one year contract!  Information on the next meeting is in the “Schedule” section.  During July and August, my photos and cards are on display for sale at the Nashua Area Artists Association’s Art Hub on Temple Street in Nashua, NH.  I am excited and will also be working in the gallery a few days in the summer.  In July, I performed in the duo “The Creatives” at a private event and any new performances of this duo will be posted in the “schedule” section.  I am currently doing the FAWM 50/90 Challenge and my newest songs from that and February’s FAWM challenge can be found in the “Songs” section.  As you can see I have printed some bags to carry my equipment around in to promote this very site and myself and you can always have my photos printed on product at Society6 and can find information on that in the “Merchandise” section.  I have added a few new poems in the “Poetry” section and a new photo in the “Photos” section, so there are some new things to find on the site!  Enjoy your summer and support local music and art and come see me and my art if you can!



The New Year has begun with a bang for me and despite the winter bluster, my spirits are high!  Some exciting news is that I was asked to perform in the Songwriter’s Showcase at the Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, MA on February 14th.  More information on this event can be found in the “SCHEDULE” section.  I am so excited to share the stage with my two talented FAWM friends, if you are looking for something to do or share with your loved one, please come and hear our original songs!!  I am also excited for the newest adventures for our songwriting group (SONG)!  We have moved to the Nashua Public Library and have had a small time change and now we sport this FAB LOGO!!  For more information if you would like to come and share your original songs, please go to the “SCHEDULE” section!  Hope to see you there!  I have uploaded some new poems in the “POETRY” section of the website,   “Karma”, “I Have Strayed” and “Hurricane” are my latest works, I hope you will give them a read.  My newest collaborative song is now in the “MUSIC” section called “Show Me”, my friend George and I have had great feedback on it, let us know what you think!  I have also added some spooky, winter photos I took at the cemetery when a delicious fog settled over our town, I couldn’t help myself, if anything it might spark off some inspiration for FAWM which is starting soon (FAWM dot org  write 14 songs in 28 days).  Let the winter wind push you into a good direction, let the ice and snow inspire you and have fun looking around my website and I hope to see you at the Serendipity Cafe in February!


Sweet summer always brings flowers and songs!!  Such wonderful inspiration to apply to 50/90 (write 50 songs in 90 days), I have signed up and three of my new songs I have created can be found in the MUSIC section if you want to lend them an ear, they are:  “Every Anniversary”, “Bluebird of Happiness” and “Love’s Overflowing”.  I have been enjoying my flower and herb gardens and I posted a few new flower photos in the PHOTO section if you would like to see them, remember my photos can be put on product through Society6, information on that site can be found in the MERCHANDISE section.  I have been out performing my new songs at open mics and at the Songwriting Meetings, info on those are in the SCHEDULE section and photos of performances are in the HOME section.  Wow, if you are still with me, I want to tell you about the most exciting thing that happened to me since I last chatted with photos were put on the cover and inside the NH Poetry Society’s Summer edition of their Touchstone publication!  I put photos above of it.  When I gathered my mail, the bills and ads fell aside to show me that beautiful blue sky of my photo and I felt joy to have my photos included!!  I was able to recite a new poem of mine at the Winter Quarterly Meeting of the NH Poetry Society and one of my newer poems that I have been reciting at open mics is now up in the POETRY section called “Edgar”.  It has been a long time since I have posted an update, but I have been writing and creating the whole time.  Now I am hoping to move forward and try to get my photos into some local stores and maybe even start performing, please send me some positive thoughts as I try to face my fears while I chase my dreams!  (I have just registered to show my art in the Nashua ArtWalk in October, information in the SCHEDULE section!!)


This beautiful shawl that a member of my family made is keeping me cozy while I create new songs in FAWM this month (February Album Writing Month).  I have four, new, original songs posted in the “MUSIC” section.  My new song “Prey” has a nice production on it, thanks to my friend Mike Birch.  “Nightmare of My Dreams” was written to the “Dream Challenge”, it is poetic and surreal and my main instrument in it is my Guilele.  “Underneath the Tree” is written to the challenge of “Roots” and features my Baritone Ukulele.  My newest song is my ode to Jazz with “One on One with Nature”.   Please check them out, I would love to know what you think!  I have a new poem in the “POETRY” section called “WINTER COAT”, so snuggle down into that one!  I also posted a few new chilly photos of snow in the “PHOTOS” section.  I was happy to recently join the “Nashua Area Artists Association” in hopes to continue to display and sell my art.  Remember that every month is a meeting of “SONG, Songwriters of New Hampshire Group” that I co-run, a fun and friendly group of folks that come together to share their songwriting!  Info for meetings and performances are in the “SCHEDULE” section.  Winter is the perfect time to spend time with your music, writing and art and create the beauty of your world!

Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry!

I am sending wishes for peace and love for whatever holiday you celebrate.  I have posted some Christmas songs in my music section, I have a new cover I’ve recorded of Joni Mitchell’s “River” and I’ve featured my very first Christmas song, “Peppermint Christmas”!  I was challenged to write a song about a “smell memory” and it led me finally writing a holiday song.  I found writing for this season a very difficult task because coming up with an original idea and catchy tune are a challenge!  For those celebrating Yule I have re-posted my song “Wintertime” to celebrate the beauty in our hibernating earth.  I have also posted my latest poem “Little Girl Lost” on my “poetry” page.  Wishing you a quiet moment and wishing the world peace and healing, love and light.



I have tired myself out with so many performing dates and the Art Walk,  I had to take a deep breath and decide to unearth my creative self again.  It is always nice to go back to your center.  I have two new songs I need to record, I finished a new lyric as well!  I just posted a new poem in the Poetry section and I took a few walks this week and exercised my camera, a few of those new shots can be seen on the Photo page.  If you are thinking ahead to the holidays, I have 3×5 and 5×7 blank cards and matted photos left over from the Art Walk.  Also, my photos can be put on product through my Society6 page, I would be more than happy to upload a photo if you can’t find it on that page.  I also am capable of taking credit cards with my Square.  Take a moment to look around you and take in the beauty of the Winter.  My newest poem called “Heavy On My Heart” or my song from last year “Wintertime” (posted now in the Music section) might help put you in the mindset.  If you have stopped in here because  you visited me at the Art Walk, thank you so much for your kindness and consideration!  You also may have noticed a swinging email message when you came here, that is new.  I am hoping to find a better way to connect with you to advertise performances/shows.  I am sure it can get annoying, but it is done with the best of intentions to help keep us connected!

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