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~ My original songs, hope you have a moment to listen!


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SHOW ME:  by Tammy Jann and George Walden © 2017

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF:  by Tammy Jann ©  2017

TAKE ME AWAY:  by Tammy Jann  ©  2017

CAMERA SHY:  by Tammy Jann  ©  2017

BEAUTY FALLS:  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

NOT GIVING UP:  by Tammy Jann and Doug  © 2017

TEARS WITH THE MOON:  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

LOVE’S OVERFLOWING  by Tammy Jann and Kristi McKeever  © 2017

BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

EVERY ANNIVERSARY  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

LONGING  by Tammy Jann and Cindy Prince © 2017

REFLECTION  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

GLORIA  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

MATH (children’s song)  by Tammy Jann  © 2017

UNDERNEATH THE TREE  by Tammy Jann  ©  2017

NIGHTMARE OF MY DREAMS  by Tammy Jann  ©  2017

PREY  by Tammy Jann  © 2016





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